Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Wednesday

Outdoor Holiday Decorations

It rained today, heavily at times.

As planned, I went around locally and did all my errands. I have no idea why I woke up early for this because I was done before noon. I also had the opportunity to preview a new park in town. It's not a big park; only a 5-minute walk on the loop trail. I think it's supposed to be educational because all along the boardwalk trail, there are stands where presumably they'll add the informational signs later. As for whether this park can be cached, I think it may be a bit too close to the police station. We'll see.

Ordered eyeglasses online. I really don't expect them to fill the order because, as I recall reading somewhere, those sport glasses can't take lenses with high power and I'm so very myopic. If they do fill the order, then great. If not, then I'll reorder with regular frames. Either way, I have to use the FSA money before the year ends.

Upgraded to Photoshop Elements 5. It was hilarious the first time it tried to remove red eye on a document that I scanned. (I turned that feature off afterwards.)

Thanks to skorzy and hunterwolf for the Christmas cards. I wrote another batch of cards this evening and I'll send them out soon. Why so late? Well, I ran out of stamps and then I ran out of cards. So this is actually the third batch I'll be sending out.

Notes on AutoHotkey: (mostly for my reference)

1. If I'm using SendInput or SendPlay to enter a string of text into an application, it is significantly faster to put that text into the clipboard and then paste it. Why? Because in the former approach, SendInput generates one Windows event per character with a short delay between each character, whereas in the latter approach, it takes virtually no time to modify the clipboard and then SendInput only needs to generate one event to do the paste. Incidentally, an AutoHotkey macro is how I logged nearly 300 geocoins the day after the "Caching Through The Snow III" geo-event.

2. If the macro hotkey has a Ctrl modifier, it appears to screw up K-Meleon, which seems to think that the Control key is still down after the macro has completed. One workaround for that is to add "KeyWait Control" to the macro so that AutoHotkey will wait for the Control key to be released before running the rest of the macro.

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