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Hooray for Metro Transit

It occurred to me that some people might be selling that kind of cell phone (Touchpoint 1100) on Ebay. As long as it isn't too expensive, that's a viable alternative to getting a new phone at the Sprint Store. This will allow me to preserve my investment in phone accessories, mainly the data cables.

There were a few phones being auctioned and I bid on them this morning. The other bidders were bidding higher than I'd like to pay for a used cell phone. So for now, I'm not going that route.

55,555 bills today. Metro Transit of Minneapolis hit another one of my bills today. Look at his user note. It's the Honeymooners! :) By the way, this is my 6th hit from Metro Transit. 4 more hits before the cutoff.

In other news, there are now Where's George mugs!

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