Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Endless Chicken Thursday

Ladder dog

Woke up early this morning feeling a little under the weather. So I declared another day of rest and went back to sleep, and woke up again 4 hours later at 11am.

Had to go out anyway because I wanted to put the cards in the mail and get a box of fried chicken. (Used one coupon at Popeye's for the chicken, but then they slipped another sheet of 16 coupons into the takeout bag! It's safe to say that I won't run out of Popeye's coupons this month.) Since I was out, I got a few other things done too. I also went to the holiday party at the Borders store in Ramsey. It wasn't really much of a party. There were some free cookies and someone was playing a guitar. There was also a 30%-off coupon, which I used.

I received a debit card from Shoppers' Hotline with $6 on it. That's about $3 per month of participation, assuming that they haven't yet accounted for this quarter.

Remember COINflation? Earlier this year, that website started showing that pennies and nickels were worth more for their metal content than their face value. Well, guess what? U.S. Mint bans melting pennies, nickels. (Borrowed from 321gold.) Alec Nevalainen at COINflation has his own take on that piece of news.

Well, gee, it's easy for them to make up a new law, but that doesn't address the problem for two reasons:

1. The U.S. Mint will still lose money on every penny and nickel that they coin. At taxpayers' expense of course!

2. Inflation is still running wild. By that, I mean the actual rate of inflation, not the biased CPI numbers. Seeing as how the costs of healthcare, college tuition, energy, and now rent, are rising at double-digit rates every year, how can anyone seriously believe that the rate of inflation is only about 3% a year? Deny it all you want, but that kind of inflation will still show up in nickel, zinc, and copper prices.

Anyway, I haven't been saving pennies and nickels yet because you'd need a truckload of those to make them worth melting for the metal content. (And well, there's also that law. Hrm.) However, I'm still keeping any silver quarters, silver dimes, and wheat cents that I find because those are collectibles.

Speaking of metals, I heard from my parents that, back in the old country, thieves are going around stealing copper wiring from houses because of copper prices nowadays. I'd say that's one of the decivilizing effects of inflation.

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