Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange County II

Abandoned blue Nova in the woods

Because one trip to Orange County wasn't enough. Actually, after I did the first bunch of geocaches, I came back and did a radius search and found a bunch that had slipped through the cracks and not shown up in the weekly geocache notifications. There was enough to make it worth another trip. Hence, today.

This set of caches was more challenging in terrain. There was some climbing up and down steep slopes. Two of them were one-mile round trip hikes. There were some interesting sites too: 3 cemeteries, the abandoned car (picture above), and a historical marker about a mastodon.

After that, I returned home for some microwaved fried chicken.

Thanks to tonyringtail, ionotter, and marauderosu for the Christmas cards.

I noticed that there are now 3 geocaching events in 3 different states on the same day (and same time even!) next week. If only they'd spread those out to different days so that I can attend all the events. There are 2 more events the week after, thankfully not on the same day.

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