Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware Cache Dash

The short version:
  • 3 days / 2 nights in Newark, DE.
  • 58 geocaches plus one geocaching event!
  • Lots of geocaching at night.
  • Hit the 2000-trackables milestone. (Now at 2016. Well, 2017 once I log the special one that came in the mail while I was away.)
  • Met lots of geocachers at the event and also at some geocache sites.
  • Had lots of Wawa food, except for the last night when I just ate at the Christiana Mall food court.
It was the perfect trip. Mild weather the whole time. Not one single thing went wrong and I had lots of fun going geocaching from start to end. I would certainly go to Northern Delaware again, except that I'll have to wait a year for new geocaches to pop up.

And now, the long version...

Day 1 (12/19/2006)

After putting the bags and stuff into the car, I left home early in the morning. There was a new geocache in Carteret near the NJ Turnpike so I hit that one and was the first to find. (Didn't have to rush because I was apparently the only one to find it that day.)

Ran into Trowel32 at the second cache site in the Trenton area. She too was on leave, although she didn't venture too far from the area, whereas I was on my way to Delaware.

Then I continued onwards and did a bunch more geocaches in South Jersey, including a whole clump of them down in Pennsville and Salem City in Salem County. (I rarely get to go down there nowadays.) After that last cache in Salem City, it was dusk so I figured it was time to cross over to Delaware and join the geocaching dinner. Picked up two more caches just before dinner and ran into MajorT and Instant Coffee at one of the cache sites.

The geocaching dinner was at Applebee's in a strip mall to the North of the Christiana Mall. It was a nice event to kick off my 3-day trip. There are lots of Delaware geocachers I didn't know but I recognized some of them from events in Pennsylvania. I had the chicken fried chicken entree.

After dinner, we went out in the dark to hit the 5 geocaches that were placed specially for the event. That was a lot of fun. When you have dozens of people stomping around the wooded area at night with flashlights, finding a cache in the dark really isn't so hard. After finishing those five geocaches, I went on to bag two more geocaches on my own. One of them was in downtown Newark, where I knew there would be a parking problem during the daytime. So it made sense to do that one at night when there was very little traffic.

After that, I finally checked into the Sleep Inn (across from the University of Delaware stadium) at 11pm at night. I've been to Newark a couple of times before but I've got to wonder why I never found this hotel before. It's the best one yet in this area. Lowest room rate in Newark, according to the AAA online travel website, so I was surprised that the room has a microwave oven and a refrigerator! The fridge was useful for storing the milk and iced tea that I got from Wawa. The hotel location is good too. It's only a mile down Route 4 from the closest Wawa store. (Funny how I practically ignored the TGI Friday's next door the whole 3 days I was there.)

Day 1 geocaches:
Borough of Carteret: Waterfront Park (New Jersey)
Game of Love (New Jersey)
On my way home from school (New Jersey)
F=ma Let's Play! (New Jersey)
Scarboro Covered Bridge Park (New Jersey)
Coffee break 2 (redo) (New Jersey)
By the Creek (New Jersey)
Part 2-The Other NJ Beach (just off 295 (New Jersey)
Pirates of the Delaware (New Jersey)
Swingin' in Jersey (close to 295) (New Jersey)
Don't Fall In (New Jersey)
Ryan's BMX Toybox (New Jersey)
JOEL (New Jersey)
SBUX - Where's the TEA? (Delaware)
BYOP #2 (Delaware)
Be Naughty, Save Santa The Trip (Delaware)
What's In A Name? (Delaware)
I Shot The Sheriff (Delaware)
It Ain't Where You Think (Delaware)
Hangin' Around (Delaware)
But I Didn't Shoot The Deputy (Delaware)
Winter Warlock waiting in 3 (Delaware)
Main Street Monopoly (Delaware)

Day 2 (12/20/2006)

Big day today. I went around Newark and New Castle finding more and more geocaches. Some of those geocaches were quite creative, especially "Here Kitty, Kitty", for which I didn't have the info but got the coordinates on the spot using my cell phone. Lunch was at a Wawa store I came across in the Linden Hill area while on my way from one cache site to another.

At "Estrella's SBUX REDUX", I ran into Runfrog, the cache owner, who just happened to be shopping in the area at the time. Since I was at find #5699 at that time, I joked that I needed to find just one more easy parking lot cache to make it a round number. In fact, I got 10 more before quitting for the day.

When I was at "Back to School", I suddenly realized that I'd lost the broken ski pole that I'd been using as a hiking stick. I probably left it at Carousel Farm Park or somewhere thereabouts. Not a problem though. Three geocaches later, I saw a Wal-Mart store so I went in to see if they had any hiking poles. In fact, they did. It was the last one they had. It is adjustable and has a compass built into the handle. And it was only $10.37. Amazing.

After that, I got two more geocaches at night before buying dinner at Wawa on Route 4 (Harmony Road intersection) and bringing the food back to the hotel.

Day 2 geocaches:
Swing by Devon (Delaware)
Fair-A-Field (Delaware)
Crikey! (Delaware)
Karpinski (Delaware)
Lumbrook's Last Stand (Delaware)
Fox's Toy Box (Delaware)
Scurry Along II (Delaware)
Here Kitty, Kitty (Delaware)
Under Cover Part 5 (Delaware)
Estrella's SBUX REDUX (Delaware)
Under Cover (Delaware)
Prices Corner Cache (Delaware)
Under Cover Part 3 (Delaware)
Under Cover Part 4 (Delaware)
Back To School (Delaware)
Metro Micro (Delaware)
BYOP #1 (Delaware)
Under Cover Part 2 (Delaware)
They Don't Make Housecalls Anymore (Delaware)
It Ain't The Lightpole: Version 2.0 (Delaware)

Day 3 (12/21/2006)

After the hotel breakfast, I packed and loaded everything into the car and checked out of the hotel. Of course, I did more geocaches on my way out. Cache sense was particularly strong today because a few of the caches on the day's list were reputed to be tricky but I found them all quickly. I also did a hike (more like a stumble through the woods because I was unfamiliar with the trails and those trails never seemed to go the right way) in Iron Hill Park to the South of the hotel and bagged all six geocaches there.

A few more caches later, I'd gotten everything on my list so it was really time to stop. Before leaving Delaware, I went to the Christiana Mall to check out the tax-free shopping situation. The mall was crowded. Unfortunately, the absence of sales tax didn't make any of the goods any more appealing. If I didn't need something when there's a sales tax, I still didn't need it when there's no sales tax so why bother? (And besides, legally speaking, I'm not supposed to be taking advantage of the tax-free shopping without declaring it on the state tax return. Even so, many people will take advantage of it anyway, judging by the number of out-of-state vehicles in the mall parking lot.) After leaving the mall, I went to an office supply store near one of the cache sites that I visited on the first night and they actually did have some items I needed. So I just got those and went back to New Jersey.

Looks like gas prices once again went up during my absence from the state, although gas on the NJ Turnpike was still at $2.209 /gallon so I filled up at a service area on my way home.

Day 3 geocaches:
HOLY COW!!! (Delaware)
Glas-stop-and-go (Delaware)
In A Field Cache (Delaware)
Sleepy Hollow 2 (Delaware)
Ironed Out (Delaware)
SUSHI (Delaware)
Ironsides (Delaware)
IRON MAIDEN (Delaware)
Iron Hill Tweet Tweet (Delaware)
Arrr! (Delaware)
Iron Hill #1 (Delaware)
In Harmony Cache (Delaware)
350' Away (Delaware)
starman&basketlady#1 (Delaware)

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