Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

What's next after a 58-cache spree? Why, go out and find another one of course! Never mind that it was raining a bit at the time. I went for the Ramapo Lake Trail Head geocache this afternoon at the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland. Met NJBearChaser at the cache site.

After that, I did some banking and then had Popeye's popcorn shrimp. Still have many coupons left but at least they didn't give me another sheet of coupons this time.

The Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug arrived in the mail while I was away in Delaware. I'll bring it to a geocaching event next week.

Another item that arrived in the mail was the glasses that I ordered from EyeBuyDirect. So it took them only a week to prepare and ship that! Impressive. The glasses come with anti-fog treatment. There's also a tint, although I didn't actually order that. Packaging is minimal: just the glasses in a case in a box. Definitely would order from them again the next time I have FSA money that needs to be used at the end of the year.

From fridayfiver:

1. Will you be having a white Christmas?
No snow here yet!

2. Best present you could get/have already received this season?
Best present I could get: The abolition of fiat currency and the Federal Reserve. Failing that, the end of sales tax. Bah, I think I should just move to Delaware, Oregon, New Hampshire, or Alaska instead.

Best present I actually gave to myself was the last 3 days in Delaware.

3. Egg nog or snogging under the mistletoe?
I think I'll just have a green tea iced tea.

4. Is time on your side?
I only have time for a fraction of what I want to do.

5. Favorite holiday tradition:
Going to a Chinese restaurant because all the other places seem to close on Christmas Day. I also had sushi on New Year's Day a few times. Also, sleeping until noon, which is a rarity.

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