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12-Cache Day, New Jersey cache-travaganza!

Good weather today. Freezing cold but sunny. No snow on the ground and the mud is frozen. What could be better? Started early and bagged 12 geocaches in Mercer, Burlington, Ocean and Monmouth Counties from dawn to a bit past dusk.

Took the Turnpike to I-195 to US-206. Got to Toys R Us as the park ranger was opening the gate. Nice and easy. Beautiful area by the water.

Went back to I-195 and then to US-130. Took a trip to the cemetery next to get Rest In Peace.

Continued down US-130 to Hillbilly of Bordentown. Based on a previous visitor's log, this cache could have been very difficult to access because of the swampy area but today, that was no problem. The mud was frozen!

Continued even further down US-130 to Roebling to see Roebling wire rope. Just a quick virtual.

Backtracked on US-130 to I-295. I was surprised to see four firetrucks on the median. Then I noticed that the firemen were attending to a car that was flipped over on the median. I don't know how that happened but it's a good idea to be careful as the temperature is low enough to form ice on the road. From I-295, I took the Creek Road exit to get to Spencer park cache. Another easy walk but the hiding technique is ingenious.

After a few turns, I got on Route 38 to US-206 to Route 630 to G.I. JOE'S Girlfriend. This cache may actually be on Fort Dix grounds so I'm not sure it is okay. But the army seems to allow outdoor activities (based on some signs I saw) as long as you stick to the side across from the housing area. Other than having to avoid the thorns, this was also an easy cache.

Went back on Route 630 and then South through Pemberton to Magnolia Ave to Pemberton lake mountain climb. It was only a short walk to the mountain? Yeah, that's maybe 15 feet high. :)

Continued down Magnolia to Ongs Hat (Yes, that's the name of the road. Weird New Jersey!) and Buddstown Road to Dot & Brooks Evert Toolbox. Longest and best walk of the day, although based on what other cachers have mentioned, the trail could be flooded after a rain. Today, it was fine and the few wet stretches were easy to avoid. I like swamp boardwalk trails. This boardwalk needs some repairs but most of it is still usable.

Next was Batona Trail, just a few miles to the East. The pink-blazed Batona Trail is 50 miles long and traverses a slice of the Pine Barrens. This cache is closer to the North end of the trail. Again, an easy walk (because I drove in on the sand road to get closer) and find.

Now come the long drives. Went out via Magnolia to Route 530 to US-206 to the Turnpike to I-195 to Jackson Mills Road to County Line Road to Into the Woods. Didn't know about the park entrance a bit further up so I parked on the residential street and went in the back way. It probably would have been just as easy either way. This is a pretty small cache so I had to look around a bit.

Beach cache! Continued down County Line Road to US-9 to I-195 to Route 34 to Route 35 to Point Pleasant Beach. Parked near the Jenkinson's Boardwalk and it was a short walk to Flotsam & Jetty-sam. Very easy to see the cache. Not easy to retrieve it. Even harder to put it back because the crawlspace under the boardwalk was very short. I suppose I could have shoveled out some of the sand so I could crawl in but that would look very suspicious.

Went back out via Routes 34 and 35 to the Parkway to Route 36. (Keyport) Another easy walk on the beach to Pop's House. I did this cache at and after dusk but I think that is okay as it is just an isolated stretch of beach. As I was pointing the flashlight into some of the holes and crevices, the light reflected off the cache so it was easy to spot.

Dinner? Eh... I just bought something from the fried chicken and fish place on the way back to Route 36.


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