Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Year's Day - Quakertown

Happy New Year!

Last night, after checking in to the Comfort Inn in Quakertown, I had a light Wawa dinner. Then I joined the New Year's Eve party hosted by lupine_fox, soma_cat, and skippyfox at two adjacent suites in the same motel. Also in attendance were byzantyndragon, shy_matsi, tiggycat, shortwave81, lapistigra, akina16, and many others whose Livejournal usernames I need to find out. Aside from the many snacks and cupcakes (We might be rejuveniles or something. :) ), we ordered delivery of pizza, buffalo wings, and garlic knots. There were also some card games. (I deny everything about the orgy! ;) ) Then, at midnight, we watched the ball drop on television and rang in the New Year with champagne.

It was rainy the next day. I had the motel breakfast in the morning. Then, after checking out of the motel, I joined the group for bowling at Earl Bowl Lanes in downtown Quakertown. I played one game and got 62 pins.

After that, we went our separate ways. I briefly visited a cache site in a park in Quakertown to see what that weird camo magnet had changed to. The last time, it was a camo bar magnet. I guess it disappeared, so now it's a flat camo magnet.

Then I went for fried fish at LJS in Easton before heading for home.

The special today at Bits du Jour is Vista Start Menu 2.1 Pro at a 100% discount, i.e. free. I got the registration code and downloaded it, but I actually prefer Launchy, which bypasses the start menu completely.
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