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No-Find Outdoor Party

Maybe not the best day. Tried 6 geocaches but found only 3. However, I met 5 cachers, which more than made up for not finding some of the caches!

Started the day at Small World, which I did not find. I found out later that the coordinates were a bit off and I wasn't searching a big enough area. Not a problem. This park is near enough that I can come back later. I saw a skunk at the cache area. Nice to see wildlife in a natural habitat.

Next, I went to For the birds but found that the gate was closed. Rather than park outside and sneak in, I decided to return later in the day, which turned out to be a good decision.

The Chop was just a short drive down US-202 so that's where I went next. Pretty standard park and dash in. I bushwhacked most of the way because the trail stopped at the creek but it wasn't a very long bushwhack because the wooded area is small. Took some looking around but I found the cache, although not quite at the coordinates.

Next came a drive down I-287 and then US-206 to A Kid's Cache. On the way up the trail, I met Gopman, who informed me that he'd searched for the cache for an hour with no luck. I got to the area and started my own search. Not long after, TrackerBB came by and joined in the search. After checking everything in the area, we gave up. As we were going downhill, we met Natureboy44.

Came back to For the birds. Met Orange and Jungle Green in the parking lot so we made this cache a team effort. Hilly walk down and up the hill but an easy find once we got there.

After that, I went down I-287 to I-78 to the Parkway to Card Exchange. For a small patch of woods, it was very annoying with a lot of thorns, shrubs and mud. But I saw the cache after finding something else that wasn't the cache. Not too bad.

Went a bit further up the street to State Quarter Exchange. It was getting very dark but I tried to find it just for laughs and could not locate it.


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