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Them George stuff

New Year Car

I received a Postcrossing postcard from Russia. How exciting! I'm now up to 46 cards sent and 40 received.

The quote of the day is from a cashier at Pathmark who said, "You sure do love them dollars with them George stuff, don't you?" Yes, indeed I do! And furthermore, I'll be going to a Where's George event this weekend. Hope their wireless network is up because I might be checking hits and stats while there.

I checked with Sprint and found out that calling the old country from my cell phone costs 99 cents per minute without the international plan and 18 cents with. Since I can call for 6 cents a minute on the landline, I guess I'll have to keep the landline for now. The reason why I was motivated to find out is my parents now have a cell phone and they used it to call my cell number. So if they could do that, then I wondered if I too should do that. But it's still a wash cost-wise. One interesting thing to note is prepaid calling plans are much cheaper than regular calling plans back in the old country. My guess is that's because it's harder there to determine whether people are credit-worthy. Also, my parents have wireless web on the cell phone so they are able to and have been reading this journal. Hi, Mom! :)

I've also been puttering around on Askville, Amazon's answer to Yahoo! Answers. If you participate on Askville, you get quest coins, which will have an as yet unannounced purpose. One thing I noticed is you get 5 quest coins per day just for logging in so you don't really need to answer any questions. However, some of the questions posted were so simple and straightforward that I wondered why the questioner didn't just do a web search.

From thefridayfive:

1. Do you have any pets? If so, how many, and what are their names?
None, unless you count Plush Husky.

It doesn't pee, doesn't poop, doesn't shed, and it does tricks!

2. What was your very first pet? Do you remember its name?
I think we had fish at one time, but that was in the distant past.

3. Is there an animal you would never have as a pet?
A tick.

"Here's Timmy, my pet deer tick. I feed it with my own blood." :)

4. What common pet have you always wanted but never had? Why not?
I've never given that much thought. I guess if I could, I would get a husky. I'd call it Real Husky.

5. What wild animal (extinct or not) would you own if you didn't have to worry about its adjustment or the cost of captivity?
A panda. I'll probably have to give it a double name, like Sirhan Sirhan or something.

From fridayfiver:

1. What feels like home?
Uhh... home, of course.

2 Do you look at yourself carefully in the mirror before you leave for the day?
No, but I do look at myself carefully in the mirror when I come home to check for ticks.

3. How do you feel right now?

4. Are you a star-gazer?
Not usually.

5. Friday Fill-In:
How much time has passed since you last _____?
... answered Friday Five?

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