Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

North and Central Jersey

Geocaches so close that it felt like I didn't leave home! The weather was quite warm today. It was about 64°F. Then I thought... hmm, if it were a little warmer, I could leave the jacket in the car. Then it went to 72°F!

After a few caches on South Mountain, I got tired so I finished the day by looking for some of the seven dwarves at Nomahegan Park in Kenilworth, and then came home for dinner.

I left my phone somewhere on South Mountain. Okay... it was due for replacement anyway because of a scratched screen but it's a waste when I could've used it until the screen was completely scratched instead of just half-scratched as it is now. When I got home, I called Sprint to disable that phone. Then I checked eBay. Amazing! There are many listings for that exact same phone, all at around $10. And some sellers are even throwing in accessories for that phone. So why was I worried about losing the phone? I could leave one on every mountain! Well, maybe not because that's littering.

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