Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Walking Purchase Park - Plush Husky at the Spring

Just when you (all one of you who's been following this :) ) thought the phone saga was over, guess what? Jeeeper1 found it at South Mountain! I am downright amazed.

Registered for FA: United yesterday evening and promptly got an email from Cray saying that I was the first registered attendee! At this time, I'm not sure whether I'm actually going to get a room at the hotel because I live only 30 miles away, but if anyone wants to split a room, I'll do that.

Still working on photos from December. I've finished processing and uploading anything before 12/17 and after 12/28, but that leaves a 12-day period with a few hundred photos remaining.

The Tigger "punch" story has landed on The Consumerist. I was actually a little worried about this, but fortunately, most of the commenters saw through the bias in the news report and gave the mascot performer the benefit of the doubt. I know from personal experience that some kids can be rough with mascots and a few will try to mess with the costume. I've had my share of tail pullers certainly.
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