Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Pennsylvania Welcome Center

Got one of the eBay phones in the mail today. The screen and charger are in better shape than my original phone but the body of this phone has a bunch of scratches. That was disclosed in the auction listing so it's okay. Called Sprint to add the phone to my account. Then I added some numbers to the phonebook and some web addresses to the bookmarks. It is now pretty close to the setup on my original phone.

I also went out to CompUSA this evening and got a 320GB external hard drive for $89. (after rebates, which I've already filed online) I was running low on space for photos. Of course, I could've cleaned up a bit but this is easier. It's amazing how inexpensive storage is nowadays.

And finally, I went to Popeye's in Northern Paramus to get a chicken sandwich. Of course, they gave me yet another sheet of coupons! I still have one piece of chicken left from that box of 20 pieces that I got earlier this week, so it'll be breakfast chicken tomorrow morning.
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