Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


It took until the middle of January and all night yesterday, but I'm finally done with all of December's photos! I used Noiseware Community Edition (Thanks to camstone for the link.) on some of the night shots and that seemed to help quite a bit.

Rainy day yesterday with dense fog. I was planning to go to the AAA office in Fair Lawn to get another set of passport photos but I found out by calling them that they were closed for MLK day, so I'll have to get those done at AAA in Oradell Thursday evening.

Some time in late December, geocache IDs went past GCZZZZ and became 7-characters, starting with GC10000. Well, I found out this weekend that none of the geocaching WAP sites that I know of have been updated for the new 7-character GCIDs. (The GC10K problem?) They fail in different ways. says "Bad parameters". simply doesn't take the extra character. (input field limit) Even Groundspeak's own WAP site says "No waypoint found" when you try to view a 7-character GCID. Annoying. I can envision a way to view geocache pages on the cell phone using the Google Mobile filter so I'll tackle that problem when I have time.
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