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After staying at 50°F or higher most of this winter, it was 27°F this evening. That hurt! It'll take a little while to get used to this and then I'll be outside once again freezing my whatever off. :)

Thanks to a note from 0ccam, I was reminded that Opera Mini is now at version 3.0. The previous version crashed rather frequently on web pages that I visited, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that this new version is somewhat more stable. And it's also a good temporary solution to the problem that I mentioned yesterday of viewing 7-letter GCID geocache pages while out in the field.

As I mentioned yesterday, I used Noiseware Community Edition to remove noise from some of my night shots. I used it because it was late at night already and it was actually faster to install and run Noiseware than to start up Photoshop Elements Editor just to invoke the Reduce Noise filter. (Adobe really needs to do something about the code bloat, even in Photoshop Elements!) Since I had more time this evening, I did a little side-by-side comparison...

Socrates arm side-by-side

The above is part of Socrates' arm from this picture. The left image is the original image with the noise. The middle image has had the Reduce Noise filter applied. The right image is what Noiseware came up with.

As you can see, both the middle and right images have significantly reduced noise. Noiseware preserved a bit more detail, but I think I could've tweaked the Reduce Noise filter settings slightly to preserve more detail.

Plush Husky side-by-side

The above is part of Plush Husky from the same picture. Once again, the left image is the original, while the middle and right images are from the Reduce Noise filter and Noiseware respectively.

This time, there isn't much of a difference between the two filters, although Noiseware's output is a touch sharper at the fur color boundary. Again, some tweaking of the Reduce Noise filter settings will help.

Noiseware's advantage here is ease of use. In Noiseware, noise reduction is a one-click process and I got good results without changing any settings in the program. With the Reduce Noise filter, it took some experimentation to get good noise reduction without sacrificing too much detail.

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