Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Wrote a Perl script that uses the Flickr API to scan the 10 Million Photos group pool to gather stats on the top posters to that group. Given that it takes a whole day to do that with a one-second delay between each 500-photo query, at some point, it may be considered abuse of the API. :) One good thing that came out of this simple exercise is I found out where I had been misreading the API documentation, so I used what I learnt to correct the pool-cleaning script for the views groups.

It snowed yesterday afternoon. Then it started raining and turned the snow to slush. Then it probably snowed a bit more overnight because it looks like there is a bit more snow on the grass this morning.

Went to Park Ridge yesterday afternoon. Apart from lunch (using a Burger King coupon, of all things), I also got a free-after-rebate pack of Sharpie markers at Staples. (Thanks to camstone for the heads up.) It's annoying that the Staples Easy Rebates online rebate-filing website still rejects K-Meleon, but I guess it won't hurt me to use IE for just this one thing.
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