Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Freeze that is not tasty

Went down the Jersey Shore today, although I think I only got to Monmouth County. It was another cold day. The temperature was at 30°F, changing very little over the course of the day. Fortunately, it wasn't as windy as yesterday. I noticed that Shark River and at least one creek were frozen, but several other streams were still flowing.

I started a little late, so I found the last two caches at and a bit past dusk. The last one was interesting because I found it almost right away in the dark even though I wasn't pointing the flashlight in the correct direction at the time. Somehow, I just knew where it was.

Went to two Wawa stores, in Keyport and East Brunswick. Dinner, however, wasn't from Wawa. I saw a Subway restaurant while I was in Neptune. Since I had Subway coupons, I figured why not? So I got two foot-long subs, one to eat there and one to take home, at a $4 discount. (almost like getting one of the subs free) I know what's for lunch tomorrow! Speaking of coupons, here's a new way to get coupons. One of the geocaches had Checkers coupons. Since I had far more Popeye's coupons than I could use, I traded coupons. It has occurred to me that I could simply leave my excess coupons in geocaches without trading anything. I haven't done so because I don't know if anyone else would want them and if no one takes the coupons, those will expire and become garbage.

I've been using $2 bills at Garden State Parkway toll booths. So far, only one toll clerk slipped up counting change for a two but he realized his mistake pretty quickly. Most of them give me a dollar bill and a bunch of coins in change. One of them actually gave me a dollar coin in the change. And one toll clerk asked if I really wanted to part with the $2 bill. I told him that I could get twos at the bank any time. (Which is true. I can either order the twos or call all the bank branches to find out which ones have twos in the vault.)


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