Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Riverside Garden Park

I went to Staples in Ramsey this afternoon to look for the magnetic push-pins that were on sale. I didn't find those but I noticed that the 12-pack of BIC Mark-it permanent markers was free after rebate. So I got those markers. Then I filed for the rebate even before I got home because there was an open wi-fi network in Ramsey. And besides, what else am I going to do while waiting for the sandwich at Quiznos? :)

This is what I get for not reading the Where's George forums: I only just found out that there is a 20-hit rule and it has been in effect since September 2005! (Man, I've been out of the loop.) So basically, you can't hit more than 20 of another user's bills. Other than a few notable exceptions, I don't think I've come across more than one or two of any other Georger's bills in circulation. I remember finding half a dozen of MsK's bills in a strap of dollar bills once but that's fewer than 20. On the other hand, the toll clerks at the Mid-Hudson Bridge up by Poughkeepsie may soon get blocked from entering my bills. I don't think they've found 20 of my bills yet (I got two hits from them this month), but they're getting close to the limit.

There's a Where's George gathering in Philly this weekend. Not sure if I'm going to attend this one.

Tried making the hotel reservation for FA United this evening but the reservation clerk couldn't find the group rate on the reservation system. I'll try again tomorrow during the day.
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