Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cold Island

Another frigid day. Temperature was below 20°F at the start of the day. Then it rose to 27°F before dropping again. The cold temperature worked to my advantage though. Two of the locations were in swamps and I was able to just walk across the frozen mud.

Saw Macatac at and near two geocaches. That's just like last week! This time though, he was just done with the two caches and I saw him while he was leaving and I was arriving. Even so, we seem to be going for the same geocaches at the same time of the weekend.

Got a FTF at "MAM's Micro #18 - Valley Stream", which is quite remarkable because given the stiff competition out on Long Island, I thought someone would've gotten it yesterday, if not during the 3 weekdays since it was published.

Dinner was at LJS in Melville. They're starting to recognize me because I've been there almost every week.

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