Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Qdoba Qlosure


Received two Postcrossing cards today, one from Finland and one from Dubai! The Dubai postcard featured some of the amazing buildings in the city, of course. I'm up to 49 postcards received and 53 sent.

Took a break this evening to head out to Palisades Center, the mall where exposed ventilation ducts and piping are part of the decor. It's really a bit of a waste because in a four-storey mall, I only went to two stores. Nothing much of interest in the Target store, but I did find a pair of socks on clearance for 74 cents.

Then I went to Qdoba. You may recall my long-running problem with Qdoba: I had enough points on the Qdoba card to qualify for a free entree, but the last half dozen times I asked at the restaurant, their Q-card reader didn't work. So eventually, I just stopped trying. Well, this evening, I noticed a bunch of new faces in the restaurant. Ah! Staff turnover has taken place! So I inquired as to whether the Q-card reader was working and the lady behind the counter said yes. I asked if she was sure. :) Okay, great! So I got my free entree at last. I had stuff in a bowl.

Came back home and saw that my work was far from done because I noticed that the IRA transfer had completed. It was just a blob of cash at the new place, so I entered a bunch of trades to make it mirror (well, not exactly, but more or less) the regular portfolio by tomorrow. Might as well reuse research that I've already done.

And lastly, this housing story almost escaped my notice. Apparently, there are inexpensive houses in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In fact, I just did the same search at and there are many houses even under $50K. (Wow! I'll take two, or three... maybe ten. :) ) Of course, the downside is that area is far from a major city. But they might have Sheetz or Wawa. On a whim, I also did a real estate search in DuBois, PA, a town I got acquainted with when I took a lunch break there on my way to Pittsburgh last year. Man! Houses for $25K? That's dirt cheap! I'm amazed.
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