Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Valentine's Snow Day

Valentine's Day Snow

Snowed (or sleeted, rather) all night and all day. Snow plows couldn't keep up so the roads were all covered in a layer of snow, making travel rather slow. On the plus side, work let off early. I didn't go anywhere else, other than to the gas station to get a gallon of milk.

New Javascript program: Find the center of a circle given 3 points on its circumference

I needed that because there are a few geocaches requiring this calculation in order to get the final coordinates. My first implementation was in PARI/GP, but I think it'll be more convenient as a web page. I was getting tired of relearning PARI/GP every time I needed to run the script. :) (References: circle formula, regular expression that matches a floating-point number)

Mailed the photos this morning. I'll have to remember to ask my parents if they got those in about a month's time. The postal service back in the old country lost the last package that I sent out.

And finally, I thought I had already registered all the Visual Studio Express Editions that I installed on this computer, but the Visual C# IDE asked me to enter the registration code again. Okay, well, registration is still free so that's only an annoyance.

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