Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

A Trying Thursday

Frozen Lake

As I left home this morning, I saw a FedEx door tag on the door. Odd. I never heard the doorbell ring. I called FedEx to see if I could pick up the package at their nearby office only to find out that because this is FedEx Ground, not FedEx Express, I could only pick up the package at their South Hackensack office, not their Mahwah office. How inconvenient. I think I'll just sign the door tag to have the carrier leave the package by the door. No one steals anything in this neighborhood anyway.

I called the CT Grand Hotel this morning to make a room reservation for FurFright in October. Okay, so I'm 8 months early, but the reservation clerk told me that the group rate was not in the system yet. What? For a moment there, I had flashbacks to the Ramada Newark debacle. Okay, I'll try again next week. Can't expect too much the day after a winter storm.

The snow that was piled up on the side of Main Street in Ramsey made the street narrower and parking more difficult than usual. In retrospect, I should've parked on a side street or at the strip mall instead of along Main St., but getting that prime parking space right in front of Quiznos is a rare privilege. :) I had a country french chicken bread bowl.

There is a geocaching event this weekend on Chinese New Year. (February 18) Only problem is it's all the way over in Chester County. I'll decide on that day itself if I'm up to going that far. I think it's about 2.5 hours from home. What I would like to do on that day though is to have one of the Chinese New Year specials at Penang in Edison or Princeton, but all those places are in the same general direction. While I'm there, perhaps I'll get another white accent rug. I'm already using the first rug in the bedroom so it's not available for the fur material.

Did a bit of sewing yesterday night. I think it's about time I addressed the problem of the husky fursuit sleeves being too loose and hanging down, so I added some velcro patches and I'll see how it goes.
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