Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Consumerist vs. Flickr

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissanwich

The Consumerist has been using photos from Flickr to accompany their articles for quite some time. The problem was not all of those photos had been released by their owners to the creative commons. They were outed for stealing photos and there was quite a bit of hue and cry in this thread. After quite a bit of back and forth over copyrights, fair use, and such, The Consumerist issued an apology.

Something good came of this though: The Consumerist set up a Flickr group through which Flickr photographers may give them permission to use specific photos. Of course, I contributed to that group's pool. After all, they were looking for pictures of storefronts and signs, and I sure do have many pictures of those subjects! And so today, they used my picture of a Burger King croissanwich in this article. Cool.

Anyway, I got an idea for this weekend: I originally intended to go for the Chinese New Year specials in Central Jersey, but then I realized that Flushing is a lot closer than Edison or Princeton. So I'll bring the restaurant information with me when I go out to Long Island and make a restaurant reservation (table for one. Haha!) when I'm ready to head back West. This might be interesting. I also noticed that the snow has refrozen hard enough to support my weight! That may be a problem. I'll have to bring some ice-breaking tools to get those geocaches out.

From fridayfiver:

1. What's the longest time you've spent standing?
Nearly the whole day, but that was a long time ago.

2. How many people on LJ (or your blog) know your real name?
Oh, anyone can find out in one Google search.

3. What makes you afraid?
The collapse of civilization. Armageddon. Nuclear War. Dollar devaluation. Gold confiscation. Falling off cliffs. Getting eaten by worms. Ebola. Bad Jennifer Lopez movies.

4. What's the worst physical injury you've had?
I broke my arm once, when I was six.

5. What line won't you cross?
Answering Friday Five. Wait, I already did. Never mind.

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