Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Nassau County Sheets of Ice and Recreation

The temperature was anywhere from 27°F to 35°F during the day, so it wasn't as cold as it had been the last few days. The terrain was something else though. It seemed like every park in Nassau County was a smooth sheet of ice because of the refrozen snow. The funny thing is once I got out to Suffolk County, I noticed that there was hardly any snow on the ground. Eastern Long Island must not have gotten as much snow during the February 14th storm. If I had known, I would've just skipped Nassau County and headed out further East. Maybe next trip.

Since it was pointless trying to dig up geocaches from under the ice, I picked a bunch of geocaches that I was reasonably sure, either from the description or the hint, were hidden above ground level. Two of them still were at ground level anyway. The surprise is one of the ground-level caches, wasn't in the ice. It was just sitting on top of the ice. Wonder how that came about. As for the other one, I was 90% sure of where it was and there was only one chunk of ice in the way, so I used a hammer to remove the ice chunk and that was that. The hard part was walking on the sheets of ice to get to the cache locations. On the plus side, I only fell down once.

While I was on a road that I didn't intend to take somewhere in Nassau County, I saw a Wal-Mart store. Had a hunch about this one so I went in to check, and yes, they did have the white accent rugs. Two of them. So now I have one more for the bedroom (On the scale of luxuries, it's one of the cheaper machine-washable luxuries.) and one for the fur material.

At the end of the day, it was time to call the restaurant in Flushing for reservations. So I dialed the number and got a fax machine. I checked with 1-800-FREE411 and I did indeed have the correct number. So that was strange. I figured what the hey... I'll go to Flushing anyway and take a look. It turns out that Penang, or at least that particular branch of the restaurant, had merged with Green Papaya, which is also a Malaysian and Thai restaurant but one without the Chinese New Year specials. I went in anyway and guess what? Same food, but cheaper. Not bad.

After that, I took a walk down Main Street and came across a fruit, vegetable, and meat market. They had Asian pears, and cheaper than my usual sources too! So I got a bag of those. (So far, it sounds like any other weekend, just at a different location. :) ) I noticed that although I had to pay for parking, the cheaper stuff seems to make up for it. After getting the pears, I went to Flushing Bakery and had a honeydew. Went home after that.


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