Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Year of the Pig Event

On Chinese New Year, I headed out to Exton, PA, to attend the
The Boar Is Your Enemy; Year of the Pig Roast geocaching event. It was held at the China Inn Buffet on Eagleview Blvd.

Considering that Exton is 2.5 hours from home, it was a little out of my range but I had fun. This was a good trip for several reasons:
  • Got to revisit this part of Chester County. I hadn't been out here in quite a while because I only came here when I was in Philadelphia for a convention. Since I didn't attend Philcon last year and Anthrocon had moved away from Philly, the opportunity to go caching here never arose. (Also, this area is only one town away from unclekage and he said I keep finding caches here without stopping at his place for tea. Well, I don't do that so often any more. :) )
  • Met up with some geocachers whom I had not seen since the December event in Delaware.
  • And of course the Chinese buffet, although mediocre, had a fairly decent selection and was cheaper than Chinese buffet places near home.
Also stopped at Wawa while geocaching in Philly on my way to the event. How could I not, when one of the caches was a MultiWa? :) I tried the new toasted ravioli and it is quite good.

Still haven't had the Chinese New Year specials, but there's always tomorrow.

Oh, the weather? There was a bit of snow but not enough to close the Pennsylvania highways for 16 hours. :) (I was actually prepared to evacuate the state if a blizzard started coming down because of what I heard happen recently.) Thank goodness.


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