Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange County PBCD

I noticed that the car thermometer was overstating the temperature by about 10°F. So when it read 19°F this morning, it was actually 9°F! No wonder it seemed a bit cold outside.

Anyway, I went to Orange County, knowing full well that looking for geocaches in the snow would be tough. I checked the cache descriptions, hints, and logs before proceeding to determine beforehand which ones would be findable in the snow. The more detailed the hint, the better. I also checked to see if anyone had found the cache since the last snowfall. Fortunately, two local geocachers did a cache dash just two days ago, so for some of the caches, I only had to follow their tracks. Despite all that, one of the caches turned out to be a tough search. The search area was a large pile of logs and the snow in and around the log pile didn't help matters. I still found the cache though, but only after looking at the whole area bit by bit.

The real challenge was walking in the snow. Unlike the snow in Long Island and Pennsylvania, which had frozen into solid ice, the snow in Orange County was powdery and sometimes crusty. It took twice as much effort to get anywhere because I sank into the snow on every step. Going uphill was worse.

After sunset, I went to East Hanover for Chinese New Year specials. I had Yee Sang (raw salmon with colorful ginger and stuff) and Golden Abalone. (a mollusk that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got sauteed with mushrooms and vegetables) No Asian pears this time because the Chinese supermarket was closed. (because of Chinese New Year Day 2, although I don't know if they were closed the whole day or just closed early)


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