Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers

Pancakes on Free Pancake Day (Feb 20, 2007)

In the afternoon, I went to IHOP in Ramsey for the free short stack of pancakes. I also had a salad to accompany the pancakes. Not that salad goes with pancakes but I just thought I should get one. The amazing thing is there was wi-fi, albeit a rather weak signal, at IHOP! So that makes 4 locations in the town of Ramsey with unsecured wireless Internet. Could there be more?

Then in the evening, I went to the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers geocaching event. It was at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. I thought it was a good event and a promising start to a series of monthly events in that general area. The only downside was it started raining while I was there so I had to drive the 50 miles home in the rain. On the way home, one of the Garden State Parkway toll clerks bought all my $2 bills. This is the second time someone did that, so it must not be common knowledge that you can order twos from the bank any time.

When I got home, I saw that the free Where's George stamp had arrived in the mail. Nice. If you were curious about WG or if you like free stuff, well, what are you waiting for?

And finally, I see that The Consumerist used another one of my photos here. It's the KFC/LJS restaurant in New Windsor, NY.
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