Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wednesday that feels like Tuesday

View of the Statue of Liberty

Called the CT Grand Hotel this morning and made room reservations for FurFright. This time, the reservation clerk had the group rate info so there wasn't a problem. Good to get that little matter out of the way.

Went to Commerce Bank in Ramsey this afternoon and got some half dollars while I was there. Yesterday night, the Garden State Parkway toll clerk who bought my $2 bills also asked if I had any half dollars. He is probably a collector of unusual denominations. So, since he asked nicely, I thought I'd check if the bank had any half dollars while I was there to do some banking. Indeed they did, so I bought a bunch of those coins. Now that I've taken a peek at Coinflation though, I'd better take a closer look at the coins to see if any of them are 40% silver because those would be worth significantly more than 50 cents.

Haven't done much with last weekend's photos and it's already past the middle of the week. Okay, looks like things will start piling up again. There'll be geocaching events both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The Sunday event in the Lehigh Valley is a breakfast, so when the day comes, I'll see whether I'm willing to wake up at 6am for that.

I haven't answered any questions at Askville in nearly a week due to lack of time, but I noticed that I actually achieved Level 1 in the topic of "taxes", of all things. As I recall, I was the only person to respond to one of the questions so it was a cinch to get the "best answer" award and 15 experience points just for that. I don't think it was anything esoteric either; just a question about 1099-DIV forms, which I deal with quite a bit. Which reminds me, it's time to check my list again to see if I'm still missing any forms.
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