Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Treebie Thursday


Went out to find the Treebie geocache this afternoon. It's in a small patch of woods between a strip mall and a residential area in Northern Paramus. It's also a very short distance behind Popeye's, so of course I used a coupon and had lunch (spicy chicken sandwich and cajun fries) there afterwards. I fear that this cache may not last. It is visible from the road. I actually did swing by there last night to check it out but someone in the house closest to the cache was cleaning out the back balcony, so I thought it unwise to grab the cache at that time. There was no one there this afternoon, or so I thought. Just after I retrieved the cache, I noticed that there was someone inside the nearby dumpster! Egads! With any luck, he didn't suspect anything so the cache will remain there a while longer.

In the evening, I went to East Hanover for another go at the Chinese New Year specials. This time, I had "Triple Happiness". I also got more than a dozen Asian pears in the nearby Chinese supermarket. It was raining at the time, but not too heavily.

Phone call from my parents. They received the photos and it's only been about a week since I mailed those out. I see that letters can get there pretty quickly as long as the post office back in the old country doesn't "misplace" them. (By "misplace", I mean there was something screwy going on. There was also an investigation after my parents complained about the missing previous letter, so they have to be more careful now. Or less thieving. Darn, did I just blurt out my suspicions? :) ) Anyway, the photos were from mascot gigs I did last year, so they now have some idea of what goes on in those events.

PFPC replied to my letter of inquiry about the IRA maintenance fees charged during the transfer out and here's what they wrote: "Due to tax purposes we must charge the full year's maintenance fee." That's it. No further explanation was provided. How annoyingly laconic. So do I or do I not write back to ask what the "tax purposes" are in this case? Either way, I'm outta there and will never pay a fee again.

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