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Friday Flickr functionality

Wooster Memorial Grove Park

Flickr was very slow earlier this evening but it seems to be fine now. While running the script that scans the 10 Million Photos group to collect stats, I noticed that the Flickr API was failing at quite a high rate. The symptom was "Invalid signature" errors from API calls that were perfectly fine at other times. The script does retry the API call on error, but I think once it hits this error, the error will repeat a number of times until the Flickr server returns to normal.

Anyway, I was pondering this problem when I got the idea of a watcher script. So I wrote that this evening. It's a very short script that watches over the scanner script and checks the output. If there is any problem, the watcher script will simply rerun the scanner script on that block of pages from the group pool. Otherwise, it will move on to the next block. I think this is now robust enough that I can kill it in mid-run and it'll actually continue where it left off the next time. Of course, one might ask why I didn't just add that functionality to the scanner script instead of having two scripts running but there's always the next version.

Got word from Microsoft Developer Support that there is no 64-bit implementation of MAPI, nor are there any plans to port MAPI to 64 bits. This is in spite of the fact that the production version of Exchange Server 2007 is only available on 64-bit Windows platforms. So anyone with legacy MAPI applications to maintain is or will soon be SOL, or will have to resort to hacks like writing a 32-bit out-of-process COM server to handle the MAPI calls. I noticed that Outlook 2007 is still using 32-bit MAPI, but this is apparently a BYOMI (Bring Your Own MAPI Implementation) kind of thing because by default Exchange Server 2007 does not bundle any MAPI support, whether 32 or 64-bit.

And finally, I now see a downside to having a fuzzy accent rug on the living room floor. A few pieces of sticky tape landed in the rug and got caught in the rug fur, so I had to pick those out carefully. This rug is nice to sit on though, since I do a lot of miscellaneous craft and organizing work on the floor. (Desk? What desk? :) )

From thefridayfive:

1. Would you rather serve in heaven or rule in hell?
Both are imaginary so what's the difference? When that time comes, I'll just decompose in peace, thank you.

2. If you had evidence that would catch a killer, but also put you in jail, would you use it?
If this were the case, it would be because I had done something illegal. On second thought, eh... let him be. He might get caught anyway if he continues killing.

3. If you could work the worst job you have ever had, for three years and then never have to work again, would you or would you rather work the job you always wanted but not be able to retire until well past the age of retirement?
It's only three years. Go for it.

4. If you could write four newspaper headlines, which would come true, what would they be?
1. Bernanke fired. Federal Reserve disbanded. Gold standard reinstated.
2. Russian spammers sent to gulag.
3. Cure for cancer found.
4. Friday Five answered not-so-poorly.

5. A video of children in Florida fighting, while adults cheer on, was posted on the popular web site MySpace, The popularity of "gang videos" has also increased, and there has been renewed interest in re creating the infamous "Faces of Death" video series, do you feel there should be laws limiting extreme videos?
No. We could always use those as incriminating evidence.

From fridayfiver:

1. What do you try to stay away from?
Bubonic plague.

2. Are you clumsy or graceful?

3. What is it too late for?
It's too late to think of better answers for Friday Five.

4. What/who was your first love?
Who? I'll tell you when I find out.
What? Eggs, fried or scrambled. Loved those from a very early age then moved on to other things.

5. Friday fill in:
I believe that ____ will _____ .
The sun will come out... tomorrow. You're always a day away. :)

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