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Late Night on eBay

As heard on Coast to Coast AM (formerly the Art Bell Show): The Alien Implant on eBay. To quote:

I acquired this Alien Implant from an abductee I met while elk hunting The Bighorn Mountains in Big Horn, Wyoming. The abductee, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me about his first abduction in the mountains. His car suddenly stalled and out of the darkness approached three gray beings. Since that night he goes to places in the woods for no reason and comes home with no recollection of what happened and time missing from his day. They even come and take him from his bed. I asked him to tell me more about these abductions. He continued on and told me about the implant they put in his elbow. He said he could feel it through his skin and that it irritated him. Finally he decided to remove it HIMSELF! This brave man carved out this implant using nothing more than his own buck knife!


I'm not sure if this is the other item that was mentioned on the show but here's the Chinook II Experimental Aircraft. It is lightweight and built for one person to fly at a top speed of 80mph.

I also found this item: An Experimental ebay Paypal Exhaust Booster because as the person who posted the item wrote, eBay and Paypal suck. :)


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