Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Taxed by Spam


Just after I finished my taxes, I got an email from Ameritrade saying that they had a 1099 correction for me. Heh, did everyone see that one coming? :) Okay, so that was the beta version of my taxes. The only changes were some dividends were recharacterized as return of capital distributions, which are taxed a little differently. (They don't get taxed in the current year. Instead, these distributions lower the cost basis so you pay more taxes only when you sell. Of course, there is a little more to that, but this parenthetical comment is long enough already.) New refund amounts are -$1205 and -$305.

Because of the way earnings are calculated on excess IRA contributions, it's actually better tax-wise to do the withdrawal on a down day in the market if you're not actually selling anything in the IRA but just taking it out of cash balance. I probably missed that optimal point in time already. Incidentally, I find Instacalc to be pretty handy for making these quick tax worksheet calculations. You can do the calculations on that website and then get a permanent link to those calculations that you can bookmark for later reference. Just don't rely on it for anything too important because you never know when the web server will go down for maintenance.

Incidentally, I noticed that Ameritrade has leaked (or sold) my email address once again. In order to see who's responsible for spam that I get, I use the email forwarding service at and I give a different decoy email address to each website. In 2005, Ameritrade lost a backup tape with customer data on it. After that, I started getting a lot of annoying stock pump-and-dump spam with dummy text in the message body and ad content in image attachments. I noticed that the spam was coming through the email address that I gave Ameritrade. So I started another decoy email address and switched my Ameritrade account over to that one. I checked yesterday and I noticed that there was now spam coming in on this new decoy email address. What's the problem this time, Ameritrade?

Okay, back to the photos. It's ironic that after I wrote a macro to speed up the tedious multi-step process of putting photos on Geosnapper, I haven't had a chance to use it much.

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