Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Back in the Old Country (Buffet)

Went to the SJG's March Meet & Eat geocaching event. It was held at the Old Country Buffet in Deptford. Since it was a breakfast event and it was also two hours from home, that meant I had to wake up quite early at 5am, before the crack of dawn. However, it was worth waking up early for that. I hadn't been to a South Jersey event in a long time. Got to see lots of South Jersey geocachers. Also saw some people who were at the Lehigh Valley breakfast event two weeks ago. Hmm... maybe there should be events every weekend. Then I won't have to think about where to go and what to eat.

There was quite a variety of breakfast foods at the Old Country Buffet. The eggs alone were prepared three different ways: scrambled, eggs benedict, and custom omelettes. I sure enjoyed the eggs benedict. Must have had at least half a dozen of those. (I won't need to have eggs again for the rest of the week!) One remarkable thing was they had fried chicken! And there I thought I was the only one making breakfast chicken. Turns out that the OCB has been doing that all along. After sampling everything, I put gravy on rice krispies because I thought that might be interesting. Well, it crackled anyway.

After breakfast, we took a walk across the street to find the cache in the wooded area behind Arby's. That was an easy group search. Then we did a few more caches in the area before splitting up and going our separate ways. Since I hadn't been to South Jersey in a while, there were lots of geocaches to do and two parks had three caches each. So it was easy to squeeze a bunch of caches into the remaining daylight hours. After sunset, I attempted and found one more cache.

After that, I stopped at the Lindenwold Wawa store for dinner. It was conveniently on my route back to I-295. I also stocked up on chocolate milk and iced tea because my refrigerator had been running low on Wawa beverages.


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