Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

WHFC Winter Celebration

On Sunday, jbadger, Damian, rapidtrabbit, and I did a mascot gig at the Wide Horizons For Children Winter Celebration at the Grace Episcopal Church in Massapequa. Of course, I went and grabbed a geocache along the way. I found Compound Interest, which took only a minute, at Roosevelt Commons in Tenafly. Then I swung through the Bronx and the Queens to pick up Damian and rapidtrabbit. Met up with jbadger at the event site.

There, we saw that the event organizers were just getting set up. So we went backstage to change. Since the event space was small, we did this gig in shifts, two characters at a time. rapidtrabbit and I took the first half, with jbadger and Damian as spotters/photographers. Then we swapped roles. The event lasted from 2pm to 5pm. After that, we were presented with certificates and we were offered the quite-substantial leftovers of the food that they were serving. I bagged the Chinese food for later.

After that, we went to Super Buffet in Rockville Centre for dinner, but not before making a stop at this geocache, just two blocks from the restaurant. Unfortunately, I knelt down on the mud to get the geocache and my pants got muddy. (And these were light-colored pants that were bad for kneeling down on mud with. I should kneel on mud with mud-colored pants so no one can tell.) But then later, during the dinner, I spilt miso soup on my pants. So that was a bad case of "me so muddy". :)

After that, I dropped Damian off at his home and rapidtrabbit off at the bus stop. Went home. I was so tired that I actually fell asleep in the middle of clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, but that's for the next post.

A few photos from the event. Photography by Damian K. and I:


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