Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Quiznos Qompendium

Roosevelt Commons

I'm still slowly consuming Chinese food leftovers from Sunday. Of course, man cannot live on Chinese food alone, so I went out to Ramsey to use one of my Quiznos coupons. When I got there, I asked the Quiznos manager if any sandwich other than the prime rib sandwich could be made with garlic bread. He told me that indeed every single sandwich could be made with garlic bread but there was a small 39-cent upcharge for that. (which is small potatoes because the coupon got me $2 off the sandwich) So I had a Mesquite Chicken with Bacon on Garlic Bread. That was good, although I think Chicken Carbonara on Garlic Bread may be better. Might as well try all the sandwiches on garlic bread. If one of those sandwiches is especially good then maybe I can convince Quiznos corporate to put it on the menu.

One problem is chips that I like keep disappearing from the Quiznos selection of chips. I used to get Fritos because I could scoop up horseradish sauce easily with those chips. Then Fritos disappeared from the shelves, so I switched to Cheetos. Today, the Quiznos manager told me that Cheetos may be going away too. There is nothing he can do about it because the supplier he uses is dictated by Quiznos corporate (It's in section 4.2 of the Quiznos operation manual.) and if the supplier decides not to supply a particular item, that's the end of it.

That is one downside of being a franchisee. You might think that after paying the $25,000 licensing fee, you're now the master of your own business, but that's not the case. Everything in the restaurant, from the sandwich ingredients, to the bathroom supplies, to the music, to the payroll and accounting systems, has to be purchased from Quiznos-designated suppliers. Even if you can get those items cheaper on your own, you still have to use the designated supplier anyway. Of course, the reason given by Quiznos corporate is to ensure consistency across restaurants, but you can bet that they charge franchisees higher prices and get a cut of it as well. Indeed, you might find that running a Quiznos is not as profitable as you might have thought and that the failure rate is higher than you've been told.

But as long as Quiznos corporate keeps sending me coupons... :)

Also, Consumerist featured another one of my photos here. I don't think that's my best picture of a McDonald's Big Mac, but this particular sandwich has character in a sesame-seed-strewn kind of way.

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