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Garret Mountain Reservation

It was warm yesterday at over 70°F, but today was a rainy day and now, the temperature is just a touch above freezing. It wasn't raining heavily this afternoon, so I went out and did the Dizz-Knee Challenge: Beauty and the Cache PXVIII geocache. This cache is in Garret Mountain Reservation in Paterson, home of the "Speed Hump" signs and related story. After that, I went to check on my own cache, Baby #9, because a geocacher had logged a DNF on it. It's still there, although the cache had apparently relocated to a lower chamber in the hollow root of the fallen tree. (Traveling cache. :) ) I updated the hint accordingly.

Another round of shopping this evening, this time at Palisades Center. First, I used a Staples bonus reward to upgrade to Quicken 2007. Then I went to see the closeout sale at CompUSA in the mall. Like the store in Paramus, this store didn't have anything worthwhile in its closeout sale either. So I'll pass on that for now.

Yesterday, I got a $150 Phone Upgrade Program reward in the mail from Sprint. Now, why couldn't they have sent it earlier in the year when it would've been really useful? So I went to the Sprint store in the mall to inquire about it. A store clerk checked my information and told me that my account was not eligible because I activated a phone in January. But then I called the Sprint Loyalty Department and the customer rep there told me that it didn't matter and my account was indeed eligible. So it seems there is a failure to communicate (Irony!) between Sprint departments. Or maybe I should stop talking to the Sprint store folks.

After that, I went to Qdoba to claim my free Q-card anniversary (Remember: Limit one anniversary per year! :) ) appetizer of chips and 3-cheese queso. I had to take their word for it because it's hard to tell whether there are actually 3 cheeses in the 3-cheese queso. And finally, I went next door to East Japanese Restaurant to get a bit of conveyor-belt sushi. I noticed that there was a weak wi-fi signal in the restaurant. I couldn't tell where it was coming from.

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