Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

MAM-caching in Long Island


Went out to Long Island today. There was snow/ice all over the place and it was still cold, but the temperature remained above freezing the whole day.

It turned out to be MAM Day. 9 of the 10 geocaches I found today were placed by mmacgown. Most of them were easy to find, even with snow on the ground. I used the ice scraper to dig out two caches, I found one more by poking randomly into a bush, and the rest were above ground level. My only real beef with the cache sites was that a number of them were in very busy areas where lots of people passing by can see you search for the cache. One of the caches was on a traffic island in the middle of a busy intersection! I wasn't even sure if anyone should be there. Then again, I saw some people walking in the middle of the highway (because the sidewalk was full of ice) in Greenvale this afternoon, so anything's possible.

The last cache was only a few miles North of LJS in Melville, so I went there for dinner. As usual, I had the fish combo with extra fish and a side salad.

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