Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

April Fool's Weekend

Saturday morning, I headed out to Lorimer Park in Abington, PA, for
April Fooling the Muggles.....Again. This is a half-day geocaching event in which SEPAG, the local geocaching association, held a geocaching class for locals and beginners, followed by a guided tour of the four geocaches in the park. Back when I started, 6 years ago, I didn't have the benefit of a geocaching class and I had to figure it all out on my own. Since then, the hobby has grown quite a bit, so it's good that people are putting in the effort to help get newcomers up to speed. I led a small group myself to two of the geocaches and I explained a few things about the hobby along the way.

After that, I headed out and did some geocaches in the area with a mix of long and short walks, and some park-and-grabs. Then I had dinner at the Wawa store in Jenkintown. Then, there were a few easy caches in Northern Philadelphia that I thought were findable at night, so I did those. One was inside a city park that had street lights and was open until 9pm, so there wasn't a problem with my being there. However, one unusual thing I saw in that park was a car that had crashed into the park fence and was abandoned there. What's more unusual is passers-by all seemed to be nonchalant about the crashed car, so I have no idea how long it has been there.

Lots of people have asked me whether I was going to be at the Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire! Meet & Greet geocaching event at Ruby Tuesday in Wayne on Sunday. My response was the same each time: No, but I may be lying. So no one believed me when I said that I wasn't going. Well, on Sunday, I went to Long Island, so I wasn't lying after all. April Fool! :)

Sunday was a rainy day but the rain didn't actually start until late in the afternoon. So I did some of the harder caches at first and then finished the day with some quick caches when the rain started. Dinner was at LJS in Melville. (I had originally planned to go to Flushing Chinatown for dinner but I didn't think it would be worth doing when it was raining.)

Saturday, March 31:

April Fooling the Muggles.....Again (Pennsylvania)
Fleur Delacour (Pennsylvania)
Bethayres Woods - Watershed Restoration (Pennsylvania)
Sing Tiny Birds Sing (Pennsylvania)
Where America Shops (Pennsylvania)
100 Wide (Pennsylvania)
One Degree of Separation: maggieb (Pennsylvania)
Johnny's Place (Pennsylvania)
Clover Day (Pennsylvania)
B4 Zany Brainy (Pennsylvania)
Vader & Hicks (Pennsylvania)
Oak Lanes Dilapidated Rotary (Pennsylvania)
It's in there! (Pennsylvania)
I see the light! (Pennsylvania)

Sunday, April 1:

MAM's Micro #33 - Muttontown (New York)
MAM's Multi-cache in Oyster Bay (New York)
Piper's Treasure (New York)
PPS - Ocean View (New York)
Thumper's Hutch (New York)
A Stroll In The Park (New York)
Little Sister Lost (New York)
Where Am I? (New York)
MAM's Micro #26 - Lindenhurst (New York)
John J. Burns Park and Cache (New York)
She Sells Sea Shells (New York)
MAM's Micro #32 - Massapequa Park (New York)


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