Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Marshtown Paramus

The swamp behind the malls and houses

On Saturday, I visited One Degree of Separation: maggieb in Willow Grove. That cache was full of ready-to-go film canister caches for the One Degree of Separation project. I thought that was interesting so I took one of the caches. Then on Monday afternoon, I ventured out to Darlington County Park in nearby Mahwah to hide the cache. Given the level of geocaching activity these days, I'm surprised that there isn't already a cache in that park. We'll see if this one gets approved.

This evening, I went to The Library v.2.0 in Paramus. This area, however, is not the part of Paramus with strip malls and suburban sprawl. It's a swamp. I accessed the swamp from a dead-end road in a residential area but it only took five steps before I was knee-deep in the mud. After that though, the going got easier and the cache itself was a 25-gallon tub that was very easy to spot. As soon as I got home, I did the laundry for the second time this week. I also washed the driver's side floor mat from the car.

On April 1, I became admin of the 150-200 Views group on Flickr because the original admin of the group quit. I thought it was a prank at first, but it's now April 4 and I'm still admin, so okay. It appears that Flickr promotes the oldest member to the position if a group has no more admins, which is a reasonable thing to do because otherwise, no one will have control over the group. Anyway, I'll probably just reuse my existing Perl scripts to automate group moderation for 150-200 Views.
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