Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mid-week Cache Madness


Early this morning, I took the car over to the Toyota service department, which now resides in a warehouse building in Mahwah. The odometer was at 45,616 miles, so it was a bigger service job than the usual oil change. Since I wasn't going to wait three hours for the service work to be done, I had to leave it there for the day. After the drop-off, I took the loaner car (a sand-colored Toyota Camry. Well, it said "sand" on the key tag, but it looked beige to me.) and went for the Trapped in Coleman Warehouse! Send Help!!! geocache, just down the road. It's by a creek near Ramsey Oil and a soccer field. Not an especially scenic location, but good enough for a quick cache in the morning.

By the late afternoon, the car was ready, so I went to pick it up in the evening. Then I headed over to Ringwood State Park (Ringwood Manor section) for the Forge Cache. Despite the rain, this one was easy to do.

After that, I went to Butler for the El Cheapo Grande #12 - Sweet & Low geocache, which was in the parking area next to Lowe's. There, I ran into Klizich and Ramsey LtD, who were just signing into the cache. So it was an easy find. Dinner was in East Hanover, but no Asian pears because the Chinese supermarket was already closed.

On my way back home, the rain stopped. So I thought what the hey? Let's do one more geocache. Last Farm in Fair Lawn was near one of two possible routes home, so it was an easy stop. This is a small park inside of one of the jughandles of the Route 208 / Fair Lawn Avenue intersection. In this park, there was a lighted heart, which I hadn't noticed until this evening. Maybe I haven't been down this way at night before.

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