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In April last year, we needed to add a certain product feature because a prospective customer wanted it. I wrote up a design document and it was great, with a low-down on what's involved in terms of code changes plus the pseudocode and so on... except someone else said there was a much better way to do that. Since I had other matters to take care of at the time, I figured I should let him come up with his own design and implement it, etc.

Now... still no feature from Mr. Better Way. And now another customer wants that too. Yeesh, what exactly is going on in this funny farm?

Ending the month of July with 2,600 bills entered at Where's George. Total: 44,779 bills worth $84,351.

Yet another episode in the continuing saga of northern NJ geocaches. Hoo boy.

Powered up my aging Compaq LTE-5100 laptop this evening. Surprise! It still works! An idea I had for this laptop is to get a Sprint Wireless Web Connection Kit and hook it up to my cell phone. Then I'll have mobile internet. The cell phone should already emulate a modem and the PPP packages (it's running an old release of Debian Linux) are already installed so no additional software should be required.

By the way, I have a cable to connect my Handspring Visor to the cell phone and it works okay. The bandwidth is low at 14.4 Kbps but that's to be expected. Overall, it's a pretty cool setup except that the inadequate web browser and the small screen leave much to be desired. And that's why mobile internet on the laptop would be better. I'll see if I can get the connection kit soon.

Going to have to take the afternoon off from work so that I can take my father to the doctor. He's just been feeling tired lately. Hope nothing is wrong.

There is a TV cartoon that keeps coming to mind although I can't remember what the name of it was. The central characters are two dragons, one of whom always goes "Bala-bala" and the other always goes "Whooosh!" and breathes fire. And the common thread throughout all the episodes is the first dragon always goes around annoying the second one. I think it was aired some time in the 1980s. Still haven't found any info on this cartoon on the web but I'll keep looking.

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