Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Turbid Times

Hering Brook

Got hit with a bout of food poisoning, or more accurately, food infection, yesterday. I went to work but then things got bad enough that I took the afternoon off. Slept for about 20 hours, punctuated by attempts at light dining on crackers and milk.

I was feeling somewhat better today. So this evening, I went and found the Turbidity geocache, which was on Hering Brook in Paramus. After that I got dinner and Asian pears in River Edge.

I also took another look at the closeout sale at CompUSA in Northern Paramus. The base discount is now up to 20%. I wanted to get a Micro SD card but I noticed that even their discounted price is significantly higher than what it goes for at, for instance. Looks like I'll have to wait until their discount is at 80% to make it worthwhile.

Two more things:

1. The new geocache was approved on Thursday and already has 4 logs.

2. The Woot screaming monkeys actually arrived on Monday. I didn't know they were here until two days later because UPS dropped off the package at the front door, which I never use. The verdict: They're loud and I need a longer hallway to see how far they can go.

From fridayfiver:

1. Four years ago -- where were you?
Same place.

2. What bores you to tears?
They might be reading, so I won't say.

3. Do you have rhythm?
Hmm... let's see... geocaching, processing/uploading photos, geocaching, processing/uploading photos... that's one kind of rhythm. :)

4. Who would you like to see today?
Petmar, so that he can help me open his geocache.

5. Friday fill-in:
Always thought that I'd ____ .
... have crashed and burned by now.

From thefridayfive:

Monday was magical because...
... not only was there a park close to home where no one had placed a geocache in yet, but there was also a good spot for the geocache.

Tuesday, what a tiring day, because...
I had an adventure in the mud and then I had to wash my shoes and clothes when I got home.

My Wednesday was wild & crazy because...
4 geocaches, even though I only expected to do 1 because of car maintenance.

Thursday made me think about...
... what it was like to die of bacteria.

Friday is the most fun because of...
... finding a geocache in Hering Brook, which for some reason made me feel 10x better instantly. (Well, it wasn't the most fun thing this week, but not too much happened on Friday.)

From manonica:

1. What do you wear to bed during cold nights?
Hockey jersey and pajamas.
Sometimes I wear the thick bathrobe that I got because Lord and Taylor sent me a gift certificate.
Sometimes I put on an old fursuit when it's really cold.

2. What do you wear to bed during warm nights?
Nothing. What? You're just going to sweat there all night out of modesty?

3. What is your bedtime routine?
I finish up with everything. Then I go to bed, hopefully before 4am.

4. How many hours of zzzs do you usually get in a night? Is that enough?
5 or 6 hours. I think 6 is enough.

5. Do you remember your dreams when you awake?
Not usually but I do remember some.

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