Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

GTD Saturday

Kip's Castle Park

Got a Where's George hit in Afghanistan!

Still in recovery mode, so I stayed home most of the day finishing up a lot of things that needed to be done: answering email, accounting, preparing a trib for Anthropomorphine, renewing Flickr and FoG, and getting a renter's insurance quote from GEICO. (Waste of time. They weren't any cheaper.)

By that time, it was late afternoon, but there was still plenty of time to head out and bag 3 quick nearby geocaches (well, not all of them were quick, but I was lucky): Rocky I, Dizz-Knee Challenge: Cacheocchio PXIX, and Bogjuan's House. The third one was an interesting location because it's near Kip's Castle, a medieval-style mansion which was, for a while, owned by an East Indian cult.

Dinner was chicken nachos at Baja Fresh in Hackensack. I hadn't been there in a year, so I was wondering whether that place has changed. Of course it has! No one I saw working there the last time is there any more. Also, prices have gone up. (faster than CPI-U, naturally) I still prefer the chicken nachos at Qdoba, but problems with the Q-card reader and the people there have meant that I rarely go there either.

And finally, I activated the phone that I got through Sprint's upgrade program this evening. This phone's interface is annoying in a number of ways (flat keys, T9 input only works in some places, browser menu lacks hotkeys) but it sure runs Opera Mini a lot faster!

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