Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Monday milieu

Heckscher Park

A wall-mounted cabinet fell from the wall because the screws had worked their way loose. Fortunately, it didn't fall on my head.

In light of what happened recently, I was wondering if restaurant sanitary inspection reports are available online. It appears that these reports are not generally available online around here, although I haven't checked every county website yet. In Bergen County, for instance, you have to request the report from the Board of Health in the municipality in which the restaurant is located. Anyway, the information is probably not very useful. If the restaurant is in unsatisfactory condition, it would not be operating anyway. What may be of interest are "conditionally satisfactory" reports, if the specific violation is stated in the report. The Chinese supermarket in River Edge was conditionally satisfactory at one time, but they've cleaned up their storeroom.

While checking the state website, I came across information on Mates Inn, a restaurant in Trenton run by prisoners as a work training program. I'm actually curious about the place. For tightwads, prices are low (because it's not meant to be a profit-making operation) and tipping is not allowed. (because inmates are not allowed to handle money) However, I'd pass on that cake with a file in it. :)

Started shopping for discounted Easter candy today. There wasn't much out there but I got some Cadbury creme eggs at CVS.
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