Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

6 years and 6068 geocaches later...

Cadbury Creme Egg

Today is the 6th anniversary of my first geocache find. On April 11, 2001, I found Pumper. It was at Kennedy Dells County Park in New City. Who knew at that time that I'd stick to the hobby all these years and carry it this far?

Anyway, it wouldn't be much of an anniversary if I didn't go out and do one this evening, so I went and found Great Surfing. It's in a small patch of unused land next to the new Trader Joe's in Paramus. Very quick and easy as I was able to park a mere 50 feet from the cache. After that, I went to find the KV6860 benchmark, aka "PARAMUS 2". This benchmark is on a stone culvert near a Garden State Parkway ramp. The benchmark was installed in 1991, so the area hasn't changed at all from the description in the recovery note.

After that, I went to see the CompUSA closeout sale, since I was in the area. Discounts are actually not bad now. There are some items at 50% off. I snagged a phone charger (I could always leave one in the office) and a laptop computer surge protector. Then I went to Popeye's for popcorn shrimp and fries. (another coupon special)

Aside from that, I've been entering more of my books into aNobii. I now have 794 books listed there. I only have 3 more bookcases of books (about 65 books per bookcase) to go through and then I'll be done with this project. After that, with list of books in hand, I'll figure out which ones I can use for Bookcrossing.

And finally, I don't know how I could've gone this long without mentioning Minyanville. It's the world of finance with a touch of furry. Articles are mostly investment and trading-oriented, although there is a personal finance section. The tone is generally a tad lighter and more humorous than other websites in this genre. The main caveat is premium content is for subscribers only, but the free stuff is itself quite substantial and I think they're still giving students free subscriptions.
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