Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday without the Five


Some time between yesterday morning and this evening, the $10-million item disappeared from the Sprint account management screen, so I think they've fixed the problem. They had to; somehow, the story showed up on The Consumerist. No, I wasn't the one who submitted it but I did seriously consider doing that.

Did two geocaches yesterday. Pirate Booty, which I did in the afternoon, was a quick park-and-grab in Pompton Lakes. The only problem was I parked in the wrong parking lot! Even so, the two parking lots were connected by an unlocked gate, so all was well. Then, in the evening, I did Ho-Ho-Kus Photocache, which is in the swamp near the North Field. A few days ago, this whole area was underwater from the rainstorm. Yesterday, it was still muddy but not too bad.

Did another geocache this afternoon. Celery Farm 2: Snakes in a Farm! This one is at Celery Farm in Allendale. I saw a turtle just a bit off the trail. Then, in the evening, I visited two benchmarks: KV3445, at a residential street corner in Ridgewood, and LY0362, on the grounds of the Allendale Fire Station. Eventually, I hope to visit all nearby benchmarks that can still be found.
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