Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey

Sign explaining the bridge closure

One foot wasn't doing so well, so the geocaching theme of the day was short walks. But what a lot there were, even within 50 miles of home! After picking a nearby geocache in Ramsey, I went to Jersey City and Hoboken and was quickly reminded of why I don't usually go there. Traffic heading into the Holland Tunnel had backed up all the way across town and was getting in the way of cross streets. (Inconsiderate people kept blocking the intersection.) Parking was extremely difficult in downtown Hoboken. That town was 10 blocks, maybe a lot more, of parked cars, packed corner to corner.

Once I was done with that, I headed over to Central Jersey, where both the parking and driving around were considerably easier. Some of those locations were flooded earlier this week but I saw little evidence of the flood, except: the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" geocache was full of mud (It was right next to a stream and I'm surprised the stream didn't take it away.) and Queen's Bridge in Bound Brook was closed due to flooding. (I'm surprised that the "Downtown / Main Street USA: South Bound Brook, NJ" geocache, just a few blocks from the bridge, wasn't washed away either, considering the town was Venice-like for a while.)

Dinner was in Edison. After that, I needed gas and milk. I went to two gas stations and discovered that the one with the cheaper gas had more expensive milk, while the one with the more expensive gas had cheaper milk. Well, they have to make money somewhere, but nothing's stopping me from visiting both to get the best of both worlds. (Of course, whether I should be buying milk at a gas station is another question. :) )


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