Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Evening at the benchmarks

Benchmark LY0351  at the Train Station

The temperature was over 70°F this afternoon, but it's back down to 50°F tonight. Looks like tomorrow and the next few days will be a bit cooler. In the evening, I visited 3 benchmarks in Mahwah: LY2267 is at a grassy street corner, LY0351 is at the Mahwah train station on the platform, and LY0350 is near the same train station on a retaining wall, a short distance past the end of the platform. The biggest difference between the current location and what was described in the recovery notes is tracks that were used by the Erie Lackawanna Railroad are now an NJ Transit route. Aside from that, the train station and retaining wall seem to be mostly unchanged over the past 70 years.

After visiting the benchmarks, I went to Staples in Ramsey to pick up some free-after-rebate specials. Then I went to Panera Bread, next to that Staples, and had a Salmon Salad. (Panera sent me coupons last week.) My only gripe would be that the wi-fi network there wasn't working very well this evening.

Sent a Postcrossing postcard to Estonia today. While postcrossing activity continues for now, I'm still miffed about the impending 20% rate hike for overseas postcards. It wouldn't be so bad if their service was actually good, but I wish I could tell you the last time when I visited a post office and was treated like an actual customer instead of yet another burden before quitting time. I've met some good window clerks in the past, but more recently, slow and surly seems to be the order of the day there.

Today, I was looking around on GetJar for utilities to round out my J2ME software collection. The only Twitter client I saw there was Jitter, so I installed it. It works reasonably well, and that's all I want from it. The other niche I needed to fill was a notepad app. While it is possible to use wireless web to connect to any of the notetaking services out there, why hit the network when notes can be stored in phone memory? It turned out to be much harder than I thought to find a good notepad app. Most such apps are annoyingly over-engineered, putting up unnecessary screens and fields that just get in the way. After trying a half dozen apps like that, I came across gbJotPad, which is the one I kept. It's simple, tiny, and to the point.
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