Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

3P Mall


It was raining heavily this evening, so I just went to Palisades Center. On days like this, the underground parking garage offers easy access to the mall without getting wet. I took a look at the CompUSA clearance sale, still in progress after a number of weeks. I heard from a store clerk that there are only 12 days left in the sale. Discounts are up to 50% now. Unfortunately, notebook computers are only discounted a meager 15%. Since they have a "No Returns" policy during the clearance sale, it's not worth taking the risk of getting a defective notebook computer for a mere 15% off. So I just got two books. (Hope those aren't defective. :) )

While wandering the mall, I noticed that there is a good wi-fi hotspot at the food court near Panda Express. Actually, I'd guessed it would be somewhere around there because on a previous trip to the mall, I noticed that there was a weak signal in the center courts of both the 4th and 1st levels. The food court is on the 3rd level, which would be approximately where it is coming from. Anyway, since I was near Panda Express, I had the 2-entree platter. (Do they know that the wi-fi network is bringing them business?)

Initially, I signed up for 30 Boxes because I wanted to use Twapper, their mobile Twitter client. Setting up an account adds additional features to Twapper, most notably the ability to post tweets from Twapper. However, I never added anything to the 30 Boxes calendar until this evening, when I noticed that I could add the iCal feed from Google Calendar to 30 Boxes. Then I added my RSS feeds from Flickr, Livejournal, Twitter,, etc, and suddenly the raison d'être for 30 Boxes became quite clear. 30 Boxes has aggregated my online presence from half a dozen or so websites into one "Life Stream". Cool. Now, I can keep up with myself. :) Of course, there are other features in 30 Boxes to explore too, but first, is anyone else on 30 Boxes?

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