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50-State Bingo!

Big news! I got a hit in South Dakota this afternoon. That was the last state I needed to have a hit in all 50 states! The hit map in my Where's George profile is thus even more out of date than it already was. :)

Okay, so what's the next goal? I guess I could go for a hit in all 50 state capitals. That could take a while. :)

Called Commerce Bank of Ramsey (Lake St) this evening to see if I could get another bundle of dollar bills. They didn't have any, not even in the vault, so they had to transfer my call to another bank branch. Weird. This branch, being the regional HQ, has never run out of singles before. Now, don't everyone go and withdraw money at the same time or they'll be done for. :)

By the way, it's snowing again.
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